To my truly best friend

To my truly best friend
I will stick to you until the end.
When I think of you I get a smile on my face,
It’s like playing poker and get four ace.
If the thinking gets to messy
Just pick up the phone and we make it unmessy.
I got no clue what to do if you where gone,
So please promise me to hold on.
All those smiles and funny moments we share,
It would be to much for one person to bare.
You see it takes two to do what we do,
So in the end I need you to.
There is a lot of fun things in our path,
Trust me when I tell you it will be a blast.
So the day when standing in the rain,
Think ofwhat we have and try forgetting the pain.
If things starts getting insane,
We will be here making sure you stick to the right lane.
We cant forget the past with drinking and partying all night long
But if you think of it the dance floor is playing our song.
Its ok to be sad now and then,
but remember.. I will ALWAYS be your friend.

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25 years old, hetrosexual. Three passions are present in my life: music, writing and work. Music represents the essence of my being, writing represent the expression of my soul, work keeps me sane. Laughter keeps my heart light and intact. Thinking keeps my juices flowing. Friends mean the world to me. But trust is something I give to selected few. No one has 100% of my trust. Very few have something close to it. I don't look like a supermodel. And I'm fine with that now at this time of my life because in my own way, I have a beauty that surpasses all these so-called beautiful people. And I'm not being cocky, just showing some much needed confidence. I have a major in network technology, but confined my future with sales. I'm a poet for a few years. I like to think I'm a lot of different things. But for sure I'm a good boy with class, who's a sweetheart and down to earth. But God bless you if you mess with me because I'm a force to be reckoned with. I think birthdays and holidays are special and I think writing is the best way of therapy. I'm honest because I've spent too many years hiding. So if you want to get to know me better, just ask.

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