Shot the enemy and lost a friend.
It all comes back to me, I thougt I had forgot.
It was everything, everything we were not.
Remember we stood, thinking of the same spot.
Thinking of all we got, about our friend, he died in the parking lot.
He was all I got, I\’ve been crying, I\’ve lost the plot.

My sorrow stains thorough steel and bone.
What you didn\’t get was that I can\’t do this all on my own.
Swear, I can\’t do this all on my own.

You were not the same, you seemed trapped, but someday you\’ll stay forever.
And it seems hard to get, but I\’m not sure when I will stop, maybe never.

Going home, thankst to the 3.15, pushing my soul back and forward.
I really believe it needs an own guard.
After losing it I came to my senses, I couldn\’t see, forgot to put my lenses, anyway I found out god is fucking retard.
As he punched me hard in the face, I lost my breath, looked at all the ways.
Laid down, left town, not a color, not red, blue or brown.

My life had a price, multiply with three after you rolled the dice.
I\’ll soon be layed down where my friend lies, but the one who buys my life, he\’s doing one of his most stupid buys.
So go on and let me be.

My disappointment stains sheets and bed.
Please, you know I can\’t handle my own head.
You say nothing, though you know I can\’t handle my own head.
I will still remember every single word you said.
Even though I never realized where our conversations lead.
Words came, words were heard, voices disappeared, I dropped dead.

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